Who are we?

Carrying on a legacy with the same zeal, enthusiasm, commitment and responsibility; Bhagwati Mfg. Co. have augmented their presence as the market leader in providing comfort fabrics in various styles silhouettes such as such as shirts, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, caps and bags, complimented by an industry-leading color palette for youth and adults; with a touch of excellence. With over 26 years of integrated service that is unrivaled and an unmatched quality and price, we have constantly worked on a myriad of strategies to finally reach a stature where we possess a readily available stock of more than one lac pieces, segmented under the range from 80 GSM to 300 GSM, in frequently called sizes and shades. All of this is true to our association on customer satisfaction, to form an eternal bond of trust.

BMC has particularly been spinning out new designs, patterns and materials on a regular basis based on the trend dynamics. Using excellent facilities like computer embroidery, screen printing and various other stitching options and dyeing techniques (mainly Biowash), we produce clothing and accessories that satiate promotional and corporate purposes of brand recognition along with efforts put in towards sustainable management and protection of the environment.

Our Promise
Our team promises to consistently deliver quality, value and innovation with varied designs at a price that meets the challenges of today’s marketplace to become a bench marked clothing company with its share of social responsibility.

Our Motivation

Our focus is on creating a cult which brings an out the ‘different’ in individual fashion statements by driving the concept of ‘customization’ towards customer delight. Where each one is trying to learn the art and we are perfecting the same

Our Direction

The company has long term plans to expand and increase its capacity, not only through producing voluminous amounts but create establishments by developing a franchise model, catering the clientele in all the parts of selected states, especially Gujarat



Consolidated to become one large unit to manufacture and deliver top-of-the-line customized apparel at the most reasonable prices, BMC has maintained two state-of-the-art facilities. One in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, which currently houses machineries with a capability to handle entire range of operations, right from knitting the fabric, dyeing, drying and compacting it before the cloth undergoes the stitching process, to present a finished product. Moreover, the other segment, spread in the area of 20,000 sq. feet, incorporates the final printing or embroidering the logo / name / messages on the apparel as per the client’s specific design requirements.

Why BMC?

There are a million reasons in the world to select something that you want. And we give you those precise insights that you need to know before choosing us and ensuing that we are a cut above the rest.

Right Advice: For us, an individual is not judged on the basis of the size of their pockets, but the grandeur of their personality. Hence, we ensure that with appropriate suggestions and deeper understanding of their requirements, every client takes back the most.

Quality Control: From yearn to the knit to ultra-luxe fabrics and elevated designs, each little detail passes through our hawk-eyes that assures that the product that ultimately reaches you exudes comfort, speaks of durability and lives on fault-free.

Fastest Delivery: Sometimes our products may reach you faster than food! Because here, at BMC, we know that being prompt means progress. Hence, without losing even an ounce of time, we aim at satisfying our customers with what they need in the quickest ways possible!

Budgeted Range: Price tag holds prime importance in all purchases. However, we believe in buying your exuberance at seeing our stickers and slips, which words cost-effective and pocket-friendly imprinted along with a rupee symbol.



Round-neck collection: Encircle the transformation of your team or group as they turn players to warriors and batch mates to friends, with our staple designs available in myriad palette.

V-neck collection: Plunge in the folds of vogue by ordering trends that plug gaps in the traditional and are not just another object of clothing.

Plain Polo collection: Let the mallet hit the ball for you to emerge victorious in the equestrian game of style and class and solidarity of shades.

Tipping Polo collection: Give ‘Polo’ a rim of fancy with contrast colored tips to make you stand out as extraordinary in the world of ordinary.

Sweats: Find the athletic droplets of your energy spur embraced by the moisture wicking properties of the anti-microbial fabric used to construct all that your performance needs.

Types available in

Cotton: Incorporating a finer yarn, twisted enough number of times to make it incredibly soft, cotton is a dominant material extensively used in premium quality knitwear. This material standardizes trust in providing a wearer, the ultimate comfort and feel.

Polyester: This budgeted fabric is the perfect alternative for the one who do not prefer fabric sticking to their selves. With a quick-dry nature of the material, the nuances of its indulgence in fashion has changed its meaning by being essential instead of uncomfortable.

Poly Cotton: A blend of the best from cotton and polyester, makes it a much devoured combination in fabric. The fashion emerging from the same is much stronger with an increased longevity. The properties enveloped in the garment, helps maintain an ambient temperature of the body.

Hoodies: Tug on the drawstrings to adjust the cool on you and spread the unique. Try on our custom designed hoodies, available in the widest range of hues and avant-garde fabric reigning in the supremacy of printing. With perfect sizing and fit, we ensure that it will not be just another thing in your wardrobes.

Caps:  A perfect accessory to bring on the style and flair to any outfit. We are making your support to a cause speak on your heads as well as your passion show as you turn heads on with these made on order knit fabric caps, to further pull out a selection of designs and text from your library, in creating the extravagant look you’re after.


Build your own with BMC
We can fit your organizational needs to a tee. And we’re eager to prove it! Our made-to-order products can help you promote your company in a unique manner, saving big-time on those hoarding and banner expenses, while engaging the employees to reflect with a collective sense of belonging